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“We are delighted to be partnering with a globally recognised brand in Everything EV Live and their parent company Solar Media. We are at a crucial and exciting time as Germany seeks to transition to e-mobility and ultimately decarbonise our road transport systems. The transport, technology and energy industries must collaborate like never before to accelerate this and Everything EV Live will be a critical meeting point that will catapult the industry forward.”
Kurt Sigl
President | BEM


1 MILLION EVs on German roads by 2020

Automotive sector produces 20% of GDP

Germany is the third largest car producing country in the world, sitting behind China and Japan. State Secretary Machnig has stated that to retain this position it must be able to produce its own batteries and the German Federal Government has earmarked 1Bn Euro to realise this.

Germany has been called “the world’s first renewable energy economy” by Renewable Energy World and in Jan 2019 it saw renewables overtake coal for the first time, making up just over 40% of the energy mix for the country. Having committed to decommissioning all 84 of its coal power stations by 2038 it will also need to find an additional 54.7 GW of energy from other sources.

With an additional 45Bn Euro set aside for the transition away from coal and target of 1M EVs on the road by 2020, Everything EV Live: Germany is perfectly poised to bring together stakeholders from energy and automotive to truly decarbonise Germany’s transport.

If you think you have something to add that can help accelerate the decarbonisation of transport in Germany then get in touch about speaking at Everything EV Live: Germany to get your message out and join the fight against the climate emergency.


34 Million reduction in CO2 emissions by 2020

“If the automobile industry doesn’t grasp the fact that it has to invest more in electric vehicles, especially in cities, then it will be very hard to defend combustion engines — gasoline and diesel — over the long term. We must do all we can now, so that the best electric cars are built in Germany.”*
Peter Altmaier
Germany Economy Minister

*Source: Bloomberg

german EV market outlook


Battery Density by 2025

Invested in electric mobility development by German Federal Government


high-emission vehicles to be retrofitted by federal government in 2019.



into electric vehicle development

Angela Merkel stated that the transport sector had shown itself to be the “most complicated” when it came to climate action, adding that a “multitude of approaches” would be necessary to reach targets.
Angela Merkel
Germany Chancellor

*Source: Clean Energy Wire


what's on the agenda?

Fleet Electrification

With companies like E.On and Metro AG recognising the financial and PR benefits of moving to a fully electric fleet and the push for more multi modal transport, explore the rise of EV enabled MAAS services and decarbonising public transport.

Battery Technology & Energy Storage

As the third largest automotive manufacturer in the world, Germany has realised that to maintain that position it needs to reboot its economy to build a world beating battery industry. Understand the roles of FCEV, BEVs, PHEV, is there one solution or many and how increasing battery density will reduce range anxiety.

Charging Infrastructure

To support the ambition of 1M EVs on the road by 2020 there needs to be the infrastructure there to ensure they can recharge, explore the ideal mix of workplace/home/destination/public charging points. Learn how customer experience can be improved through the adoption of the CCS standard.

Policy & Regulation

With 800,000 staff in automotive dependent roles the training and transition to an EV centric sector will need careful management. Explore the wider EV incentives beyond 2019 and the role that carbon pricing/emission charging will play in the coming years.


Relieve our London conference to have an idea of what you could experience this year in Berlin! 

Don’t miss your chance to be part of the market leading event that brings together local authorities & government, fleet owners & transport authorities, commercial real estate owners, utilities, DNO’s. 

Network alongside suppliers, engineers, installers manufacturers, consultants, law firms and many more!


A very insightful look at the current state of play and to understand the level of aspiration required to transform the future. Great to hear from and network with other Local Authorities to understand how progress is being made.
Lloyd Allen
Bristol City Council
This event was extremely valuable because it brought together leading organisations in these sectors, covered the most important topics in the presentation sessions, and allowed time make new business connections in the comfortable and well-timed networking sessions.
Stirling Habbitts
Triodos Bank NV
This event was a fantastic mix of participants and signals the growing importance of surrounding markets for low carbon transport. The balance of hardware and software suppliers, infrastructure suppliers, local authorities and academia made for a great networking opportunity for those entering this maturing industry.
Charles Wood
Energy UK
Everything EV, was everything it stated on the tin, thoroughly enjoyed the event, meet some interesting contacts and will be attending again in the future.
Keenan Gratrick
Aten Group Ltd.
As we are currently rolling out the Plug In Suffolk project to accelerate EV charging infrastructure in the County, I found this conference an essential insight into this rapidly advancing revolution. This conference was a 'must attend' for anyone involved in the transition to electric transport.
Peter Frost
Suffolk County Council

Where & when?


Tuesday & Wednesday, 18th – 19th February 2020


The Drivery
Mariendorfer Damm 1
12099 Berlin, Germany

The Drivery occupies over 10.000m2 space in the historic Ullsteinhaus at the Tempelhof Harbor.

Mobility innovators beget mobility. Between car-sharing, bicycle sharing, electric scooters, kick scooters — there are numerous ways to get to The Drivery. The Ullsteinhaus is next to U-Bahnhof Ullsteinstraße on the U6.