Alfen has unveiled a new domestic EV smart charge point, arguing that its price point will help unlock the residential EV market.

Its latest offering is suitable for use with self-generated renewables, as well as energy storage and dynamic load balancing, while the charge speed is adjustable in order to respond to electricity usage in the home.

The Eve Single S-line is able to integrate with Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) management systems, demand side response product portfolios and time of use tariffs.

All charge points installed in the UK must be smart charge points from this July, a policy first pledged in the Automated and Electric Vehicles Act in 2017. Most manufacturers are pushing out smart charge points well before this deadline.

One of the benefits of smart charging is the ability to regulate charging depending on other electricity used in the home or a time-of-use tariff. Charging an EV when demand is low reduces impact on the grid, particularly when combined with solar panels, allowing the EV to charge from self-generated electricity. This also has the added benefit of keeping costs low for the consumer.

Last month, UK Power Networks announced research into a smart charging market, where network operators could avoid an increase in peak demand through rewarding customers for charging outside of busy times.

Marco Roeleveld, CEO at Alfen, said the energy transition relies on energy users being rewarded for making decisions about their energy usage.

“If you consider that almost one third of all electricity consumption in Europe is for domestic use, you start to understand how, when broadly adopted, smart EV charging can help accelerate energy transition,” he continued.

Alfen recently partnered with Vattenfall to deliver public charge points in car parks across the South Norfolk Council area.

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